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Women's Rights

A Holistic Approach to Women’s Rights

Women’s economic empowerment

Our focus is to ensure that the women we work with have access to, and ownership of, assets and/or capital as well as the skills and capacity to own or engage with economic enterprises. In 2018, our work focused on providing women with livelihood skills to help them in times of economic hardship, and on our Social Enterprise Development Network.

Resilience: A total of 3,021 women living across the six LRPs were given training on alternative ways of securing sustainable livelihoods and income in the event of and aftermath of a disaster. This approach integrates gender and women/girls’ safety into earthquake preparedness as part of the resilience initiative.

Social Enterprise: In 2013 AAM set up a women’s socio-economic development network, supported by LIFT. In 2018, this network, ‘Mboutik’ transitioned into an independent business. Gaining autonomy was a very important step for Mboutik and this special occasion was celebrated with the opening of a new production space and emporium in Bagan.